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Welcome to OER official on-line shop. Do you want to buy the OER carburetor and parts? Yes . We are selling it. OER is long established carburetor manufacturer of high quality. (ex. SK Racing carbs, SK Turbo)
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OER Racing Carburetor

This is different!

Including inside part, the whole is made in Japan.

High Quality. Convincible performance.

OER Corporation was established in 1983, as SK Engineering Ltd.. Their product SK turbo made a hit all over the world.

They established OER Corporation in 1991.

Anyone will know SK SPORTS KIT & SK TURB, SK carburetor even if you do not know name of OER.

OER Corp. have developed an advanced new cabrbs which took in the good point of other companies.

And they have been the most influential manufacturer.

It is the manufacturer who still makes side draft carburetor.

Needless to say, they are makers having reliable loud technology.

We sell the OER article any place other than Japan insubstitution of OER Corpration.

In other words we are their specialty export agencies.

Therefore, only we can sell pure OER product directly.

OER Racing carburetor, OER Racing carburetor parts, Sport injection, Electronic controller,SK turbo,SK carburetor,SK sports kit

OER Racing Carburetor 45mm,47mm,50mm

OER Racing Carburetor 45mm,47mm,50mm[304536NA*] 

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OER Company information

Name OER Corporation
Established in 1966 as “SK Engineering Ltd.”
in 1991 as “OER Corporation”
1966 Established “SK Engineering Ltd.”
Developed “air governor” for automotive pollution control.
Received formal test reports (of the air governor) from AIST (Agency of Industrial Science and Technology) of MITI (Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry).
1970 Developed fuel acceleration feed system of internal-combustion engine.
1972 Acquired patent registration No.753500 for automotive compensator during low-load operation condition.
1974 Acquired petty patent No.1193868 for combustion pressure unit for automobile.
1978 Acquired petty patent No.1247406 for automotive adjusting device during low-load operation condition.
Acquired petty patent No.1255374 for overflow type carburetor.
1979 Developed SK turbo kit. Started production and sales of the kit.
1981 Applied 13 patents for SK turbo kit.
1983 Started to develop OER carburetor.
1986 Developed and completed OER carburetor.
1987 Developed various kinds of OER carburetor kits.
1991 Established “OER Corporation”.
1992 Developed and completed OER throttle body.
1993 Developed various kinds of sports injection kits.
1994 Developed and completed B16A sports injection kit.
Developed and completed DRC full computer.
1996 Developed and completed AE101 direct air system.
1998 Developed and completed PS13 carburetor kit.
1999 Developed and completed MPC fuel increasing and decreasing device.
2001 Developed and completed VTC valve timing controller.
2003 Developed and completed NA6CE sports injection kit.
2004 Developed and completed idle up kit.
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