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Welcome to OER official on-line shop. Do you want to buy the OER carburetor and parts? Yes . We are selling it. OER is long established carburetor manufacturer of high quality. (ex. SK Racing carbs, SK Turbo)
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Item Description

OER Racing Carburetor 45mm,47mm,50mm[304536NA*]

Our Selling Price: 53,900Yen - 107,800Yen (tax incl.)
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OER Racing Carburetor

This is different!
Including inside part, the whole is made in Japan.
High Quality. Convincible performance.

OER Corporation was established in 1983, as SK Engineering Ltd.. Their product "SK turbo" made a hit all over the world.
They established OER Corporation in 1991.

Anyone will know "SK SPORTS KIT", "SK TURBO" even if you do not know name of "OER".
OER Corp. have developed an advanced new cabrbs which took in the good point of other companies.

And they have been the most influential manufacturer.
It is the manufacturer who still makes side draft carburetor.

Needless to say, they are makers having reliable loud technology.

Item No.
Unit Price
included parts
04536NAF/R45mm(choke less)
Main air jet #200, Main fuel jet #150, Pilot Jet #60, Pump Nozzle #40, Venturi large 36mm, Needle Valve #1.8
04736NAF/R47mm(choke less)
Main air jet #200, Main fuel jet #160, Pilot Jet #60, Pump Nozzle #45, Venturi large 38mm, Needle Valve #2.0
05036NAF/R50mm(choke less)

45mm(choke less)

Weber type

Genuine parts of Weber except outer venturi and pump nozzle are usable

47mm(choke less)

Weber type

Genuine parts of Weber except outer venturi and pump nozzle are usable

*Linkage parts are sold separately

"50mm" will be discontinued when the stock is empty.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

We sell the OER article any place other than Japan insubstitution of OER Corpration.
In other words we are their specialty export agencies.
Therefore, only we can sell pure OER product directly.

*We can sell OER products all over the world except Japan.
*Shipping Charge is not included in a price.
*Please contact us before putting articles in cart to know shipping charge.
*Price is Japanese Yen.
*We despatch commodity within 3 working days after receipt of your payment.

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Usually the delivery date is about 2 days,
at this point, in order to make time for a parts production,
The delivery of this product takes a month.

Item Description
Item No.:04x36NAF,04x36NAR
Size:45mm, 47mm, 50mm
Packing:2units:260x410x210mm, 3unites:300x460x250mm.
Net Weight:3.0kg/unit
Gross Weight:2units:6.5kg, 3units:8.5kg
Other Photos
(Click here for larger image.)
1. External Acceleration Pump Adjusting.
2. External Adjustment Of Float Level.

With other Side Draft carburators, discharge adjustment of the pump which attached to an engine was very difficult. However you can increase and decrease easily just to turn this screw.
(Click here for larger image.)
Adjustment of a float level

It is controlled by a float level whether an engine is brisk or out of condition. You can easily adjust it by turning this screw
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